I’m Valerie White Williams

Vocal Coach – Voice & Piano Teacher – Thought Leader

I help connect people to their power and beauty through the voice, singing and music

Singing & Speaking

Your voice is your first instrument. Whether you want to create a powerful presence when you speak or you just want to explore singing, you can improve your voice by understanding how the body works. Just like training in sports, we can learn to train the voice so it becomes natural though muscle memory. And Simon Cowell is wrong; talent is not required. Everyone can sing.

Piano Lessons

What is the best way to keep your mind sharp while creating beauty? Learning to play the piano can be a fullfilling life-long hobby, which can increase your mental capacity. Piano is the only instrument that coordinates and crosses over the right and left hand interchangably. When you train your brain, you will learn how to self-sooth the beautiful sounds of you own piano playing.

But here’s the good news…

Singing and even just humming offers incredible health benefits.

Your voice is your first instrument!  When you were a baby, you instinctively knew how to use your voice.  You cried when you needed something, and it was loud. When you started babbling, your voice was pure and easy.

The Benefits of Singing

Singing releases the ‘happy hormones’.

Serotonin: Helps maintain emotional balance

Dopamine: Supports feelings of reward and motivation

Endorphins: A surge of pleasure and stress relief

Oxytocin: The love hormone, especially singing with others and making music together

Vocal Coaching

Voice lessons for all ages, levels & styles.


Piano Lessons

Piano lessons build musical and cognitive skills that last a lifetime. All ages, levels and styles

Music Theory

Music theory is the math of music. Students who are planning on studying music in college can prepare in advance.

Public Speaking & Executive Voice

A poweful,  voice and presence can be yours when you understand your unique voice and presence.

Developing Life Long Skills
Music is Love

Singing and humming create new pathways of thought. Music inspires ideas and opens new doorways of possibility. Our voices have power and when we put our voices together, and sing with intention, we can change the world. Our bodies and voices are designed to sing, praise, and speak power to truth.

So let your voice take wing!


Can anyone learn to sing in tune?

Yes. Many people have been told that they are ‘tone deaf’ but in truth they have been shamed and then they  stopped trying. Singing in tune involves listening and practice, which uses fine motor memory to learn to ‘feel’ the pitches internally.

Do online lessons really work as well as in person?

Yes. There are some strong benefits to online lessons. 1. You don’t need to travel to lessons. 2. You can see your teacher face to face and you can see what they are doing. 3. The mirror effect for singing can help singers find their posture and placement. 4. Music lessons can be recorded for future study. 

But really? Can I become a great singer?

Well, it depends. To become a great singer, you need to really understand your voice, your presence, what you do well, and your ideal range. You cannot just idolize a singer and hope you can cover them well.

Singing is like athletics. It takes understanding your voice, finding your ideal musical persona as well as understanding the uniqueness of your voice. 

What age is best for starting voice lessons?

People used to think that voice lessons should wait until the teen years but that has been debunked, thankfully! If your child has an interest in singing, let them sing! I have had a student who started at age 5. 

What age is best for starting piano lessons?

It really depends on the child. Young children need to have some dexterity in the hands and focus during lessons for practicing at home. 5-6 for some but it’s never too late to start anytime.

I'm not interested in performing. Can I still take lessons?

Yes! Many people take lessons because they want to explore their voice as music therapy. Singing is soothing and calming. Science has validated that singing brings many health benefits.

Is it too late to take piano or voice lessons?

No! It’s never too late to pick up an interest in music. Picking up an instrument, like piano, and singing will keep you sharp and focussed. Music keeps you young!

About Me

A nationally recognized singer and vocal coach, Valerie has taught thousands of singers of all styles and levels, including Grammy award winners, touring rock bands and professional opera singers. Now an eclectic artist, Valerie has performed major opera roles (Queen of the Night), sung with a nationally recognized vocal jazz quartet, performed as a rock/pop keyboardist and vocalist, and has recorded in the studio. Her latest creative project is her YouTube channel, Vocal Splendor Studios, which has over 89K subscribers and over 21 million views from devoted fans.


Valerie’s energy, passion for learning, work-ethic, in-depth knowledge of the voice and styles, and can-do attitude make her an exceptional teacher. I would be comfortable recommending Valerie any time..”  —Nancy E Bos

“I would highly recommend Valerie to anyone seeking any type of musical endeavor. Her knowledge and experience is deep, her approach and presentation is personable yet very professional. She knows how to get results!–Michael Wansley

“As a voice teacher, Valerie has offered my son great flexibility, adapting to his interests and needs, while providing him with good instruction and feedback about his voice. I would recommend her as a voice teacher to anyone, adult or youngster, and can also strongly recommend her as a fine, caring human being — which makes so much difference.”–Carl Binder

Other Projects

Vocal Splendor Studios YouTube Channel

Over 775 videos featuring vocal technique and reaction videos from around the world. Vocal Splendor Studios YouTube channel has over 89K subs and over 21 million views.

Valerie White Williams on Spotify & iTunes

My music is now on Spotify featuring a concert at Tula’s Nightclub from 2006. You can also hear more of my singing, opera and classical at my performance YouTube channel.

YouTube Coach & Keynote Speaker

After building my first YouTube channel, I started offering training on YouTube and also online courses. Now I speak on  the power of song, creativity and singing as a community.

Ready for a life change?  
Embrace your creativity!

Singing has an amazing ability to positively impact our mental health and well-being.

 By embracing singing as a tool for self-care, stress reduction, and emotional regulation, we can unlock the transformative power of our own voices.

 Let us all remember that no matter our vocal abilities, singing has the potential to uplift our spirits and promote mental wellness.