Valerie White Williams

Voice Coach & Thought Leader

Singing heals the spirit and soothes the soul

Hi, I’m Valerie.  I created Vocal Splendor Studios to help people develop creative practices so they can recover their innate joy and creativity while enhancing discipline and a sense of accomplishment.

My Story


A nationally recognized singer and vocal coach, Valerie has worked with both men and women ages 5 to 75, and has taught thousands of singers of all styles and levels including Grammy award winners, touring rock bands and professional opera singers.

As a child, Valerie got her love for creativity from her Swedish grandmother, Gunborg. As a widow and immigrant, Gunborg kept herself busy with her creative projects and could always be found singing opera or playing the piano.

Now an eclectic artist, Valerie has performed major opera roles (Queen of the Night), sung with a nationally recognized vocal jazz quartet, performed as a rock/pop keyboardist and vocalist, and has recorded in the studio. Her latest creative project is her YouTube channel, Vocal Splendor Studios, which has over 89k subscribers and over 22 million views from devoted fans. 

For her expertise, Valerie has spoken at numerous conferences and seminars about marketing, singing, music, and growing a YouTube following. She’s written numerous articles for Classical Singer Magazine and has written excerpts for the best-selling book, The Teen Girl’s Singing Guide: Tips for Making Singing the Focus of Your Life (How to Sing) and This Day in the Life: Diaries from Women Across America.

My Values & Beliefs

Singing and Music is for Everyone

Singing is a self-care practice which reduces stress, regulates emotions, and encourages discovery and creativity.

By embracing singing as a tool for self-care, stress reduction, and emotional regulation, we can unlock the transformative power of our own voices.

Vocal and Musical Traditions Around the World

Throughout history, people believed in and used the power of sound. Indigenous cultures all over the world have used toning, drumming, vocalization and singing in ceremony, prayer and entertainment.

The Music Industry & Reality TV

Once the music industry began in the 20th Century, people stopped singing and making their own music and started comparing themselves to a paid product. 

We forgot that creativity is all about the process and practice and not about the end result

Music and Singing Together Builds Community

When we sing together, with and for each other, the benefits increase. Singing brings communities together. Singing together reduces loneliness and fosters a sense of community.

My Approach

I see each and every student as an individual. When I first meet them, I ask them questions so I can fine tune exactly  what their goals are in taking music lessons. I ask them about their musical influences (or their parents), favorite singers and bands they like, what their favorite musical genres and also if they have played sports, dance or enjoy other forms of exercise.

I look at singing and piano like athletics. In sports, athletes use gross motor activities to train the muscles until they  reach muscle memory, meaning they body responds automatically.  Singing and piano playing is similar but we are just training small motor muscles through repetition  until we gain muscle memory. That’s why athletes and musicians and singers make it look so easy. They practice!

For my professional and/or working musicians, I ask them what are their goals for work with me and usually they are very clear about their reasons to see a vocal coach. I’ve found these singers are experiencing a vocal challenge or difficulty or they need to learn a new skill in private before they are ready to share it on the stage.


Publications featuring Valerie White Williams


  • This Day in the Life: Diaries from Women Across America  – Buy from Amazon
  • The Teen Girl’s Singing Guide: Tips for Making Singing the Center of Your Life – Buy from Amazon

Other Projects

Vocal Splendor Studios YouTube Channel

Over 775 videos featuring vocal technique and reaction videos from around the world. Vocal Splendor Studios YouTube channel has over 89K subs and over 21 million views.

Valerie White Williams on Spotify & iTunes

My music is now on Spotify featuring a concert at Tula’s Nightclub from 2006. You can also hear more of my singing, opera and classical at my performance YouTube channel.

YouTube Coach & Keynote Speaker

After building my first YouTube channel, I started offering training on YouTube and also online courses. Now I speak on  the power of song, creativity and singing as a community.