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Everyone Can Sing!

Voice lessons with a patient and qualified teacher CAN build a pleasant and improved singing voice. Unlike playing an musical instrument, singing is actually a physical discipline, like sports. Learning to sing well is more about becoming aware of your habits and choosing to build a technique which will support your musical goals. Although some people are naturally talented, most people can learn the skills needed to create a pleasing singing voice with regular voice lessons and consistent practice.

The basics of vocal technique for everyone:

  • breathing
  • posture
  • alignment
  • relaxation
  • diction
    and more…

Valerie’s worked with singers who sing jazz, pop, rock, R&B, country, funk, folk, , metal, screamo, alternative, classical, opera, church music and all styles of musical theatre as well as belt. Besides healthy singing, there is no agenda in her studio. Valerie helps you become the kind of singer YOU want to be!

YouTube Comments

“This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for to come into my life, I just recently started to learn how to sing better just from YT vids and my past, been singing all my life for fun and 21/2 years in high school choir as an extra, I know, I’ll be the first to improve their singing from YT vids, I’m sure many have actually. Thanks for this vid! Blessings! Johnny πŸ™‚ Love from San Diego!”

“I’ve seen a few videos on YouTube for using your diaphragm whilst singing. I already sing professionally and understand the technique, but I plan on teaching a friend how to sing, and you explained it the best. Thanks!”

“I have watched a lot of videos from different teachers about how to use the diaphragm but this is the first that helped me to make the connection from the hissing exercises to actually creating the singing sound. Thank you. I will continue to watch your videos.”

“luvd the video. .thnx for such an amazing explanation .. the best and the most helpful on youtube so far !”


Voice Lessons for All Levels

It's never too late to learn to sing! Valerie has worked with beginning students from age 5-65. During your lessons, she will help you learn the basics of vocal technique, ear training while exploring the music you are most interested in. As you gain greater mastery, your true voice emerges and it is a beautiful thing!

Did you used to sing in high school or college and now want to get back into it? Do you wish to take your singing to the next level by auditioning for musicals, bands or college programs? Perhaps you want to expand your range, increase your power and/or get help with singing the high notes? Valerie has a huge music library filled with everything from opera arias, oratorio, art songs, musical theater as well as jazz and pop fakebooks. She can assist you with finding the perfect music for your goals, help you coach and refine it, assist with performance procedures all while building a stronger vocal technique.

When are you an advanced singer? Answer: When you sing music well that requires a high degree of skill, dexterity, power, technique and often years of education. At this stage, singers are working on gaining the tools needed to be competitive in the marketplace. Depending on your needs, that could mean working on improvisation (jazz), defining your fach (opera) or type (musical theatre), developing your "book" of songs and/or finding your best audition arias. While coaching repertoire, focus always remains on building a strong, reliable vocal technique.

Even working singers need a little help sometimes. Contant touring, late nights, long rehearsals and recording can take a toll on an untrained voice. Valerie helps many professional singers gain greater power, consistency, and control. She can teach you techniques so you sing your music, your way, but with greater ease and freedom. If you are a CCM - Contemporary Commercial Music singer (pop/rock/indie/grunge/metal/R&B/gospel/hip hop, etc.), she will not force you into an opera/classical mode...unless you want to go there.

Although in-person lessons are always preferred, there are times and places where a qualified teacher isn’t available. But now, with a good broadband connection, Youtube, Paypal and Skype, on-line, distance lessons are finally possible. Here is how it works:

β€’ Pay for a session through Paypal. (see below)

β€’ Add me on Skype. My username is vocalsplendor

β€’ Send an email to valerie@vocalsplendor.com so we can set up a time to meet on Skype. The studio is located in Seattle - Pacific Time Zone (UTC-08:00). Check the The World Clock - Time Zone difference from U.S.A. – Washington – Seattle

  • For your first Skype session, make sure you have a strong internet connection, good lighting on your face and headphones in case you need them.
  • 30 Minute Voice Lesson

    60 Minute Voice Lesson

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